You'll Never Get a Second Chance to...

...You Know the Rest

“First impressions are lasting impressions” as the saying goes. Does this expression only apply to the first time you meet someone? In reality, every “first” with a client is going to leave a lasting impression. The first sale’s pitch could leave them thinking you’re the one to meet their needs, or they might think you are too pushy and overconfident. In business there will be problems. Will they blame you, or will you show them that things are under control? And of course, your first meeting is one of the most important impressions you will make. During these situations, how can you impress your clients?

Whether it’s the first meeting, sale, or problem, punctuality is one of the most important ways to make a great impression

The earlier the better, but at the very least, be on time.

If you ever want to annoy someone, ask them for a meeting and then show up late. You are the one asking for the first meeting, and sale, so arriving or delivering the product late almost guarantees losing a customer. Being ready early for your meeting means you can be more relaxed. Delivering your product on time or early is a great start for your business relationship.

The same principle applies to problems. Talk to your customer as soon as you can when unexpected problems arise. If it seems likely a problem is going to occur, try to let your client know before it happens. Apologize and tell them what you are doing to resolve it. Customers will appreciate you informing them beforehand instead of finding out about problems when you miss a deadline.

Of course, delays that are out of your control can happen. When they do, be honest. An apology, even when it’s not your fault can make a difference when calming an upset client.

When it comes to being on time, there is nothing timelier than a solid plan for your business. If you want help building a successful business check out one of courses or click to schedule a free consultation.