Why are there so many distractions?

Why does my mind keep wandering to other tasks?

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions? We’ve all been there before. One of the biggest losses of time in your day can come from not being able to fully focus on the tasks you need to do. It can be very overwhelming to stare at the pile of paperwork on your desk, or look at a messy calendar. What can you do to put time back into your workday? There are some important but often overlooked steps that make all the difference: First, set aside time every day to plan and review the tasks you need to do. Group similar tasks together for greater concentration and efficiency. Begin your work with tasks that you might not enjoy but are necessary; that way you don’t put them off or spend all day stressed thinking about them. Always make sure that at least one or two major tasks are completed each day so that they don’t pile up on you. Try to schedule them during times when you have the most energy and feel focused. Finally, make sure to schedule breaks in between groups of tasks, giving you time to recharge and refocus your mind onto your next priority. If you’re determined to improve your focus and efficiency, check out our small business calendaring system.
BrainSHARE Business Coach - Why Can't I Focus 11.3.22 Blog Post