We all claim we want to solve the problems we face. In almost every case, solving the problem requires communication with another human. Most people think the words they speak or write are the most significant part of their communication. Not so. Words are only 7% of the communication process. You’ll learn why that’s true in brainSHARE’s Communication Series at brainSHARE.Online.

However, to engage in problem-solving, communication requires all parties to be able to think rationally. The challenge is that heightened emotion makes it impossible to think rationally. You’ll learn why in brainSHARE’s De-escalate course.

If you de-escalate the emotions and implement an effective communication process, you will be able to solve whatever problem you face. That’s the purpose of the De-Escalate/Communication Series bundle.

 Chances are that most people reading this message will feel they don’t have time to devote to taking these courses. They have too much to do. The question is: How much time do you lose every week to heated conversations that do not lead to a resolution?

Invest your time in the De-escalate/Communication Series bundle and you’ll save time, be less stressed, more productive, and happier. That’s a guarantee!