Sometimes one wrong word is all it takes to lose a new client or sale. While you can’t change what you’ve already said out loud, you can always make sure your message is on target before you press send. These are three types of words you want to avoid when writing to your customers:

Contrasting Words

There’s nothing wrong with contrasts, but they will leave your clients with a negative impression when describing your product or service. For example, “Although it takes a little time to implement, your business will save hundreds of hours and dollars in the first year with our system!” What you’re selling could have incredible benefits, but many customers will focus on the negative aspect. They’ll worry about the time investment and question the benefits.

Avoid contrasting words like “but”, “however”, and “although” when describing your product.

Words That Cause Doubt

Your customers need to trust you. That might seem obvious, but there are small words that can cause doubt when making the sale.

Replace “could”, “if”, and “might” with “can”, “when”, and “will”.

Overly Elegant Words

Unless you’re selling art or books, you want to be careful with how elegantly you write. Words that seem fancy can be difficult to understand or confusing. Make sure clients know what you’re offering by using understandable language.

Of course, these principles apply to what you say as well. Start putting them into practice and start making more sales!