Layoffs seem to keep on coming, even in once promising sectors. If you’re one of those who have been separated, it can be scary. Maybe you’ll find a new position right away. But maybe you’ve already been thinking about striking out on your own and this is the push you needed to get the entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Being a business owner is different from being an employee. The skills to run a business, market, sell and support your product or service, interact with vendors and suppliers, and bring on employees are not the same as the technical and/or managerial skills you used at your job.

That’s why we created brainSHARE Basics. It’s a straightforward, focused, and comprehensive program designed to transform you from an “employee” to a “business owner.” This 13-week program will teach you the business skills needed to successfully define your goals, manage your time, control your finances, market your products and services, close business with new customers, and define your processes so you can assemble a quality team.

If that’s what you want, go to brainSHARE Basics and get started TODAY.